Exposed restorations

The rebirth of a work

Visiting the halls of the Correale Museum of Sorrento, you will be able to catch unusual events. The “Exposed restorations” represent our original idea of using the work. Spaces where, together with important exhibitions, it is possible to admire the rebirth of a work up close; where you can stop, spellbound as you follow the hands of our restorers at work.
The usability of the works, through the participation of the visitor at the moment of restoration, is a strong opportunity that characterises the innovation of the Correale Museum. All this is also possible thanks to the project “Adopt a work of art” which allows anyone (individuals, associations and companies) to adopt a work of art from the Correale Museum, thus contributing to its restoration.

Adopt a Work

“Adopt a work of art” is an awareness campaign that proposes that institutions, companies and private citizens adopt a series of works in need of conservation work, financing their restoration.
With the “Adopt a work of art” project, the Correale Museum, in addition to the concrete objective of recovering cultural assets in a precarious state of conservation, aims to promote the vast local historical and artistic heritage, in order to raise communities’ awareness of protection issues and responsibility towards cultural heritage. To do this, we ask for support from all society.

How to join the "Adopt a work of art" project

To join, it is possible to adopt a single work in full or to donate a share of the amount foreseen for the restoration. Once the restoration has been carried out, the work will be exhibited and will be accompanied by a plaque bearing the name of the restoration’s financier.

Donating for the recovery and safeguarding of a work of art from one’s own cultural heritage shows great sensitivity and awareness not only of our past, but above all for our future.

The Culture donation is tax-deductible.

What we assure supporters of "Adopt a work of art"

Each restoration will be enhanced and the sponsor will be ensured adequate visibility:

  • Before being put back in their place, the restored works will be exhibited in the main hall of the museum and preceded by a press conference where they will report on the restoration work carried out, and mention the sponsor’s name, who may present any promotional material
  • Once placed in their original place, the adopted works will be accompanied by a plate with the sponsor’s name, a plate that will remain until new work is necessary.
  • On the Museum’s website, a special register will show the sponsors and the work restored at their expense
  • The local press will be invited to support the initiative, reporting on individual memberships if authorised by the supporters themselves.
  • The sponsor will be able to benefit from the legal tax breaks
  • The sponsor will be offered the opportunity to take charge of further work, thus giving continuity over time to their meritorious work.
  • The museum management is also available to organise personal meetings between the financier and the designated restorer, in order to facilitate understanding of the estimate and the planned restoration work.

Adopt a work of art too

Enter the history of the Correale Museum and contribute to the restoration of a work. Ask for more information

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