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Giacinto Gigante (Naples in 1806 - 1876)


The son of the painter Gaetano Gigante, he was born in Naples on 11 July 1806 and is considered the greatest international exponent of Neapolitan landscape painting.

We learn from an autobiographical note pinned to a drawing in the Museo di San Martino that he began studying landscape painting from life with Jakob Wilhelm Hüber. He was also a friend and companion of Achille Vianelli, whose sister Eloisa he would later marry.

In 1826, he worked for Wolsfembergher possibly in the commercial production of Neapolitan and Roman views. Later, he worked for the painter Anton Sminck van Pitloo
In 1837, when Pitloo died, he moved into the house that the Dutch master had occupied for 20 years. That house in San Carlo alle Mortelle - Vico Vasto, 15 - is more than ever, at this time, the propelling centre of the Posillipo School.

From Pitloo, Gigante inherited his inspiration and, emphasising the master's use of macchia and impressions from life, he specialised - also thanks to his perfected watercolour technique - in a highly personal rendering of movement, light, liveliness and typical Neapolitan character.

His success is now overwhelming: Giacinto Gigante is sought after by the Empress of Russia, he teaches painting to the daughters of Francis II, he is intrinsic to the Court and often follows the sovereigns to Gaeta. that ecstatic and calm, but also quivering and alive everyday life, in which the soul of our city is expressed, its primitive, natural, passionate and therefore suffering essence
Instead, commissioned in 1861 for the new collections of the Savoys at Capodimonte, he executed the very famous tempera of the Chapel of San Gennaro, as famous as it is uncharacteristic of his personality as an artist.

Moors, revered by the entire art world, on 29 September 1876.

The Museo di San Martino in Naples has a very large collection of his drawings, watercolours and tempera paintings as well as a significant group of oils.

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