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Aniello Ascione (news from 1680 to 1708)


Little is known about Ascione's early life. He was a pupil of the Neapolitan still life painter Giovan Battista Ruoppolo and is considered to be among the leading figures of Baroque still life painting in Naples.

He imitated the most striking examples of Flemish Baroque still lives, being a follower of Abraham Brueghel who worked in Naples in the last quarter of the 17th century.
He is in the habit of signing his works with a monogram in which the two A's of his first name and surname are intertwined. Some of his works reach a very high level, such as two pendants that recently passed through the Lampronti Gallery in Rome, which are characterised by a warm chromatic intonation and a straightforward decorative vein.

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Paintings exhibited Aniello Ascione

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