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Nicola Casissa


Nicola Casissa was an Italian artist active in Naples and Campania in the early 18th century and died in 1731.

Belonging to the family of the 'Neapolitan Generisti', Nicola Casissa was a pupil of Andrea Belvedere (Naples 1646/52-1732), an important exponent of the 'florists' active in Naples in the 17th century among whom we can mention Giacomo and Giuseppe Recco, Paolo Porpora and Giovan Battista Ruoppolo.

Casissa was a fine emulator of Gaspare Lopez, Francesco Lavagna and his own master Andrea Belvedere.

De Dominici recalls his longevity and fame for his sumptuous still lifes. His redundant style with a rocaille taste is best expressed in his elegant flower vases, conceived through a free and loose drafting, which partly neglects botanical truthfulness by favouring aesthetic and pictorial aspects, rich in chromatic gradations imbued with a luminosity that enhances tonal values. The artist seems to converse skilfully with the best examples of seventeenth-century posed nature by Luca Forte, the Ruoppolos, Giuseppe Recco and Brueghel, interpreting the neo-Baroque value that characterises the artist's precocity.

The paintings, which belong to the Correale Museum collection and are exhibited here, show all the stylistic elements typical of the artist, marked by an elegantly decorative and airy style composed of lively moving animals, vases with relief ornaments and architectural elements, all also characterised by a meticulous optical rendering of every detail. already expresses his atmospheric decorativism in analogy with the Belvedere sensibility and Jordanesque draftsmanship.

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