The "Founders' Hall", the Sorrento inlays and the pre-Roman archaeological finds

The ground floor of the Correale Museum houses the “Founders’ Hall ” with the small noble chapel, the “Sorrento historical inlays room” and an interesting section with archaeological finds from the pre-Roman era.

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Ground Floor

The room is dedicated to the Correale family, the collection of historical Sorrentine marquetry from the nineteenth century and the rooms with archaeological finds.

The Founders’ Hall is dedicated to the founders of the Correale Museum: Alfredo Correale, Count of Terranova, and Pompeo Correale, his brother. Here their portraits are on display, a dutiful tribute to their memory and patronage, with the family tree illustrating the history of the Correale family.

The Floor also houses a collection of historic Sorrentine marquetry from the nineteenth century, photographic equipment from the nineteenth century, and three rooms with archaeological finds from the historic centre of Sorrento and other areas of the Sorrento peninsula.

In the last room on the ground floor, there are plutei, fragments of ambo and pilasters coming, presumably, from the ancient Cathedral of Sorrento and datable to the year 1000 AD

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