Museum opening hours: Mar/Sab 9:30 - 18:30 Dom: 9:30- 13:30 Lun chiuso

Via Correale, 50

80067 Sorrento NA

The Museum

The Museum

There is a corner of Sorrento that deserves the interest and careful participation of those who care about the values ​​of art, history and culture: it is small, but delicious and rich in art, Museo Correale of Terranova.

Walking in the halls of this splendid residence, decorated as an ancient noble home, with precious furniture, refined European and oriental porcelain and rare Neapolitan and foreign paintings, you can still catch that extraordinary atmosphere made of lights, colors and perfumes for which a time Sorrento was famous.

The Museum was born from a private foundation commissioned by the brothers Alfredo and Pompeo Correale, Counts of Terranova, the last descendants of an ancient Sorrentine family. In their wills they arranged for their art collections, ordered in the Correale villa, to constitute a Museum named after them. The collections are arranged on three floors, for a total of twenty-four rooms plus the attic recovered as an exhibition space