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By resolution of October 10, 1918, the Museum’s Board of Directors established that a library was created with the aim of collecting publications of local history, publications and studies relating to the rate and editions of his works. On March 10, 1924, a library room was opened on the ground floor of the museum building. In fact, the library over the years has also been enriched by a substantial collection of volumes mostly from the seventeenth to nineteenth century: -on the history of the Kingdom of Naples (and of the two Sicilies) (including: Civil Annals of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, Historical Archive for the Neapolitan Provinces, works by Bacchus, Beltran, Borrelli, Breislak, Bulifon, Chamber, Capaccio, Capecelatro, Celano, Capece, Colletta, comfort , cross, D’Afflitto, D’Ajala, De Angelis, De Cesare, De Jorio, D’Engenio, Di Costanzo, Dragnonetti, Filangieri G. and R., Gaetani O., Genovesi, Giannettasio, Giannone NP, Giustiniani, Maldacea , Maresca N., Mazzella, Mazzocchi, Milante, Mormile, Muratori, Pacichelli, Pansa, Von Platen, Porzio, Regio, Romanelli, Sanfelice A., Sarnelli, Schipa, Summonte, Trojli, etc.); of numerous legal texts (including Il Filangieri and the works of Francesco Saverio Gargiulo);

The library contains extensive collection of texts related to the Sorrento peninsula from the seventeenth century to today.

A substantial collection of books on botany (including the Agronomic Review of the Courses, various texts by Savastano and a precious dried Herbarium published by the Museum: Mario Russo (edited by), Dried Herbarium by Domenico Coscarelli (Capua 1804), Sorrento 2006, pp.110, with all color reproductions);

Collection of texts on medicine;

Italian and foreign literature;

Various editions of classical texts;

Volumes of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries on art;

Works of archaeological topic relating to Campania;

Collection of magazines and newspapers;

Works in a foreign language.

Many works, especially from the sixteenth, seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, are embellished with planks and engravings.

Silvio Salvatore Gargiulo (Saltovar), Manfredi Fasulo, Mariano Vervena, who contributed to the development of the library even with sums of money, were the praiseworthy authors of the book fund. In various ways the Municipality of Sorrento, the National Library of Naples, the Circolo Sorrentino, the Congregation of the Servants of Mary and numerous private individuals contributed, over the years, to increase both the collections of books and manuscripts, as well as the donation of documents concerning noble families of Sorrento (Donnorso, Falangola, Sersale) and prelates of the diocese were added to the substantial archival fund, consisting essentially of the Correale papers. Currently the library has nearly 6,000 volumes and pamphlets; 400 manuscripts, a conspicuous number of sixteenth and seventeenth century and a rich collection of taxian editions from the sixteenth century, with translations of the poem in foreign languages ​​and Italian dialects.

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